Blepharoplasty Surgery

Blepharoplasty Surgery or eyelid management surgery is plastic surgery that reduces bagginess, puffiness and excess skin from lower eyelids and removes excess skin from your upper eyelids. At Australian Eye Care this surgery is usually done for cosmetic reasons, or as an effective way to improve sight in our older patients, whose drooping upper eyelids obscure their vision, putting them at a greater risk of accidents and impacting on their quality of life.

Entropion Surgery

Entropion is a condition in which the eyelid is rolled inward, turning in toward the eye. This can happen as a result of us aging and certain eye muscles weakening, or as the result of as a result of hereditary defects, eye infections or inflammation, eye trauma, scarring, or possibly as a result of previous surgeries. Typically the condition affects the lower eyelid, it may me intermittent or permanent and the skin and lashes rub against the cornea, causing pain and discomfort. Generally, Entropian needs to be corrected through a brief surgical procedure in which the eyelids are repositioned.


Ectropion is a condition opposite to Entropion, where the skin of the eyelid turns outward and the skin on the inner lid is exposed to the elements. It usually occurs on the lower lid and affects the eye in that tears cannot drain away effectively, which in turn causes irritation and discomfort. As with Extropion, age is usually a contributing factor, with other common causes being burns, tumours and sun damage. Eye drops can help with the creation of artificial tears, but a simple surgical procedure here at Australian Eye Care is the most effective way to ensure a longer term solution to this problem and associated discomfort.

Ptosis Surgery

Ptosis Surgery – or drooping of the upper eyelids, can impair your vision if obstructing the pupil. As we age, the tendon that attaches to the major muscle – the Levator muscle – that lifts the eyelid, can stretch and cause the eyelid to fall. If you are lifting your lids with your fingers, holding your head back to raise your eyelids to get a better look at things, or generally having a little trouble keeping your eyelids open, then Australian Eye Care can surgically correct your ptosis.