A Floater is a term often used for the flecks, threads, or cobweb-like images that occasionally “float” across the field of vision. Flashes are sparks or strands of light that flicker across the visual field. Both are usually more annoying than dangerous and tend to become more frequent as we get older. But if they suddenly appear or become more plentiful, then it could be a sign that something else like a retinal tear or detachment needs to be considered. If you experience anything like a sudden increased onset of floaters and flashes, a gradual shading of vision from one side of your eye, or a rapid decline in sharp, central vision then it is very important you make an urgent appointment with Dr Goodrich at Australian Eye Care.

If the floaters and flashes you are experiencing are annoying but are not changing then there may still be treatments available to assist you. An Ophthalmology Consultation with Dr Goodrich will assess the anatomy and physiology of your eyes and detect any diseases of the eye before an appropriate treatment and management plan is devised for you.