Blepharitis refers to a variety of eyelid conditions with symptoms of inflammation and bacterial overgrowth or infection (or the risk of infection). Blepharitis can be at the front (anterior blepharitis) or the back (posterior blepharitis) of the eye lid. It is not a condition prevalent to one specific population, so children and adults of any gender and from all ethnic backgrounds can be equally affected.

Patients will often describe eyelid stickiness and burning eyes upon waking. Some patients have red and swollen eye lids; others complain of irritated and burning, painful eyes. Patients will often have reddened, swollen lids, and debris along the lashes. In addition, meibomian glands – special glands at the rim of your eye lids – may be swollen and partially or fully blocked. This will change the meibum output from a flowing, clear to yellowish liquid, to a thick, pasty discharge – or no meibum output at all. Many patients presenting with dry eye symptoms will often have posterior blepharitis.

It is very important to have your eyes examined if you feel you are suffering from any of the above symptoms. It is also important to remember that sometimes you may actually have no significant symptoms – hence the importance of regular eye examinations to detect such conditions.

At Australian Eye Care, an Ophthalmology consultation with Dr Goodrich will fully assess the anatomy and physiology of the eye and determine if Blepharitis is an issue we need to treat. If it is there are a number of treatments available. All treatments will involve a partnership approach with our patients to deal with the condition effectively.