Cataract is a clouding or haze over the lens inside the eye. It causes a gradual impairment of vision.

Clients may experience increased sensitivity to light when driving and have difficulty finding adequate light and correct lenses for reading. Risk factors for developing cataract are age, ultraviolet light exposure, diabetes, prolonged used of corticosteroids and smoking.

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31% of people over the age of 55 suffer from cataracts (Vision 2020), which is a clouding of the lens inside your eye that causes your vision to blur. If you smoke, suffer from diabetes, are exposed to UV light, use certain medications containing corticosteroids, and / or 55 years old or older, then there is an increased risk of you developing cataracts.

If your eyes are sensitive to glare, or you are suffering from blurred vision, your 3D vision or depth perception is not working as well as it was, you have reduced contrast and colour vision, if your vision is “smokey” or you see a halo or are experiencing double vision looking at lights at night, then you really should see your Optometrist, GP or Dr Goodrich if you have a current referral. Early detection is easy and the treatment is usually either updating your glasses if the cataract(s) have been detected early, or surgery to remove your old cloudy len(s) and replace with a new lens that is inserted into the eye.