Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is a chronic & progressive eye condition that affects your central vision. There are 2 forms of AMD, a “wet form” and a “dry form”. The latter is the most common form. It is estimated that it affects 2 out of 3 people as they age, but early detection by your Optometrist or GP may mean you can be referred to Australian Eye Care before vision loss occurs. Unfortunately, if you have already started to lose your vision due to this condition, you cannot regain the sight you have already lost, but if you have the “wet form” of AMD, Dr Goodrich at Australian Eye Care may be able to give you intravitreal injections (injections directly into the fluid of the eye) that aims to prevent any further vision loss.

If you are suffering from AMD it is likely you will have trouble seeing peoples’ faces and have trouble with working up close on tasks, or reading because your words may run into one another. You may see straight lines as having curves, and if you colour contrast if affected, you may even have trouble seeing what colours the traffic lights have changed too.