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Not a dry eye in the house – A Focus on Dry Eye Syndrome

It may sound a little strange but people who suffer with dry eye may notice their eyes actually water more than normal. This is because the eyes are responding to the irritation caused by the condition.

Staff-Patient-EyecheckWhile Dry Eye Syndrome can affect anyone at any age, the likelihood of occurrence does increase as we age. It occurs when the tear film is inadequate and the front surface of the eye (the cornea) starts to dry out due to a lack of lubricant when blinking. Symptoms to look out for include things like stinging or a burning sensations in your eyes, mucus in or around your eyes, an increased sensitivity to light, redness of the eyes and blurred vision or eye fatigue.

Dry Eye Syndrome is usually more annoying than detrimental to your health. That said though, it can affect your quality of life and be quite disruptive. In severe cases dry eye can cause serious inflammation. Continuous problems with dry eye can cause abnormalities of the cornea which has the potential to cause decrease in vision.

The Australian Eye Care Clinic, under the leadership of Specialist Ophthalmologist, Dr Mark Goodrich, focuses on proactive eye care management. Dr Goodrich believes in the early identification of patients at risk of eye diseases through painless clinical screening and eye examinations.

Using advanced technologies like Keratograph Analysis, a first in the region, and used to diagnose Dry Eye Syndrome, Australian Eye Care offers proactive management plans which actually prevent the loss of vision for many patients.

If you think you have Dry Eye Syndrome you need to get a referral from your GP or Optometrist. You will then see one of Australian Eye Care’s trained staff for a comprehensive ophthalmic assessment. There are numerous ocular conditions that can present with symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome, so assessment is necessary before and a treatment plan can be prescribed.

If you are interested in learning more about proactively managing your eye health or are suffering from Dry Eye Syndrome, don’t hesitate to call 1800 469 3937.  Our friendly team are ready to assist with your inquiries.