These Australian Eye Care (AEC) Terms and Conditions apply to all Information and Treatment provided by AEC to you in the course of its business.


Information Purpose

The Information is provided solely for the purpose of disseminating general Information free of charge for the benefit of the general public. While AEC has exercised due care in ensuring the accuracy of the Information, the Information is not intended as providing professional or medical advice. The Information is general in nature and is not specific advice for you. The Information is not a substitute for medical advice.


Information Quality

AEC does not guarantee and assumes no legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, currency or interpretation of the Information. AEC accepts no liability or responsibility for any injury, loss or damage incurred by use of or reliance on the Information.

The Information is provided in accordance of the TGA Regulations and/or AHPRA Guidelines. Should you consider there is a breach of these regulations and guidelines, please contact AEC immediately so remedial action can be taken.


Australian Eye Care and Third Parties

The Information includes the views and recommendations of third parties. Such views or recommendations do not necessarily reflect the views of AEC and you must not construe AEC as endorsing or encouraging you to adopt or use such a view or recommendation. This especially applies to links to third party sites. Prior to adopting or using any view or recommendation which may be contained in the Information you must make your own individual inquiry of your medical practitioner based on your own personal circumstances.



All Treatments provided by AEC may have associated risks. All Treatments are provided by a Specialist Ophthalmologist or experienced qualified assistants. Prior to the receiving any Treatment AEC Medical Staff will provide appropriate risk advice and material to you. You must read this material carefully and if you do not understand the explanation or materials you must ask the Medical Staff to clarify your query. You will be required to sign a Treatment consent confirming that you have received advice regarding the risks associated with your Treatment and fully understand these risks. General information in respect of your Treatment can be found using the links on the website.

It is essential you follow all directions from Medical Staff regarding pre-treatment and post-treatment care and recommendations in written instructions to avoid risks and ensure the best outcome for your Treatment.


Your Rights

  • Access – You have the right to receive the appropriate treatment to address your needs.
  • Safety – You have the right to receive high quality treatment, provided with professional care, skill and competence.
  • Respect – You have the right to be shown respect, dignity and consideration and due regard of your cultural beliefs, values and personal characteristics.
  • Communication – You have the right to be informed and understand the nature and effect of your treatment in a clear and open way.
  • Participation – You have the right to be included in decisions and choices about which treatment is recommended for you.
  • Privacy – You have the right to privacy and confidentiality of your health and personal Information.
  • Comment – You have the right to comment on or complain about the services you have received at AEC and have your concerns dealt with properly and promptly.


Your Responsibilities

  • Full and complete Disclosure – You must provide your health and personal Information accurately without omitting any information, irrespective if you consider such health or personal information may be immaterial or irrelevant.
  • Full Understanding – You must understand and follow all instructions provided to assist with your Treatment and recovery. You must ask questions if you are unsure about any aspect of your Treatment or care.
  • Courtesy – You must show consideration and courtesy towards all AEC staff.



Most fees charged by AEC for Treatments are eligible for a Medicare Benefit Scheme (MBS). The standard MBS rebate from Medicare is 85% of the Medicare Benefits Scheduled fee. The MBS Fee may be less than the fee charged by AEC and you will be required to pay the shortfall.

Further information regarding MBS Fees including Medicare Safety Net benefit (EMSN) can be found on the MBS Online website:



Australian Eye Care trading as A.C.N. 143 289 776 Eye Care.

“AEC Services” include all medical and eye care services provided by AEC, including Eyelid Surgery, Ocular Procedures, Intraocular Procedures, Diagnostic Procedures, Laser Procedures, and External Procedures.

“Eligible out-of-pocket costs” means the difference between the fee you are charged by AEC, and the MBS rebate you will receive from Medicare.

Information” means all materials and patient information (whether electronic, printed or verbal) provided by or made available by AEC whether by way of promotion, advertising, general Information or advice and includes, without limiting the generality of the forgoing: the Australian Eye Care Website ( and Links to third party sites.

“Medicare benefit” means the amount that is paid for a Medicare-eligible medical service. It includes the Medicare Safety Net benefit where applicable.

“Medicare Safety Net benefit” means the amount a Medicare benefit is increased once you have reached the annual threshold for Eligible out-of-pocket costs.

“Medical Staff” shall mean any Medical Practitioner and/ or trained Nurse engaged by AEC from time to time.

“MBS Fee” or “Schedule Fee” means the fee the Government has set for each individual Medicare service. This is different from the fee AEC charges you.

“MBS rebate” means the amount of money you receive from Medicare following a Medicare-eligible service. It is based on the MBS Fee and does not include the Medicare Safety Net rebate.

“Schedule Fee” see MBS Fee above.

“Treatment” means any service provided to you by AEC, and includes all the AEC Services.

“You” means any customer, patient or member of the public that accesses information from Australian Eye Care medical and clinical staff.