Collection of Personal Information:

AEC must obtain your accurate personal and health Information so as to provide you with quality customer care. In an emergency AEC may need to collect additional personal and health information from other sources with your permission.

Use of Personal Information:

All personal information collected by Australian Eye Care is required to provide appropriate services to you. In some instances your Information may be used for medical rebate purposes, quality assurance and clinic audit activities.

Withholding Information:

If you provide incomplete or inaccurate Information or withhold relevant information Australian Eye Care may decline to provide treatment.

Disclosure of Information:

Information can be disclosed without your consent in the event of an emergency, where required by law or to fulfil a medical indemnity insurance obligation.

Access to Your Record:

You may obtain access to your treatment record provided that your request does not impinge on the confidentiality of others. For more Information please contact your nearest Australian Eye Care clinic.

Correcting Your Record:

If you believe the Information on your record is incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate then please request an amendment to your record.

Questions and Complaints:

Please feel free to discuss any concerns, questions or complaints relating to the handling of your personal and health Information by contacting Australian Eye Care immediately.