Welcome to Australian Eye Care

We appreciate your selection of Australian Eye Care as your specialist Eye Care Professionals to serve your eye care needs, and we will do all we can to provide you with the very best care possible.

Before you come and visit us for the first time we have taken the opportunity below to acquaint you with our practice staff, when we are open, what might happen at your appointment and  show you our facilities in the hope you will feel more comfortable when you arrive.

Heading up the Australian Eye Care team is Dr Mark Goodrich, a Specialist Ophthalmologist. Dr Goodrich works closely with his team of well-respected and very skilled Orthoptists, ophthalmic technicians, nurses and receptionists. Australian Eye Care take pride in our staff’s knowledge and capabilities, and we want you to have the same confidence in them.

Our office is well equipped to manage and treat acute eye problems that arise, as well as help you prevent future problems. We provide diverse ophthalmic specialties to treat many different eye problems, and all of our staff have extensive and up to date training. Australian Eye Care regards ourselves as thorough diagnosticians who take a very keen interest in the latest innovations in treatments and services we provide to you.

All of our new patients undergo a complete initial evaluation. Our established patients should follow with periodic thorough evaluation as indicated by your age and medical status, but we will tell you how often you need this, as well as give you recommendations relative to your follow-up care.

Company Background

Australian Eye Care has been in operation since 2008 in both Coffs Harbour and Grafton.

Dr Goodrich specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of many eye diseases and conditions, and has completed extensive Ophthalmic studies in Sydney, Melbourne, and various parts of Europe. Dr Goodrich’s approach to ophthalmology has involved training with leading Ophthalmologists, as well as regularly attending eye-related conferences and education to keep up to date with the latest procedures and technology. This has equipped Dr Goodrich for the work he has accomplished over 16,000 cataract surgeries, laser treatments for both Glaucoma and Diabetes, as well as hundreds of treatments for Macular Degeneration every month.